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Get softer, smoother hands with luxury gloves that keep your favorite lotion on your skin, anytime or overnight.

And wear gloves to protect your hands from UV & LED gel nail lamps.

Frequent hand washing, sanitizing, changes in weather, and environmental exposures can leave your skin feeling dry, cracked, and extra sensitive. Traditional moisturizing routines are no longer enough to achieve lasting results.

You've tried everything to soothe your dry hands, but the relief is temporary.

We Understand. We Can Help.


NUVS' patented material locks lotion into your hands, not your gloves.

Fingers pop out to type, text, work, play, and go about your day.

Breathable fabric keeps hands cool and comfortable whether you wear them day or night.

Three Simple Steps to Loving Your Hands Again

1. Lather your hands with a generous amount of your favorite lotion, ointment, or cream.

2. Put on NUVS Gloves.

3. Pop your fingers out and go about your day or comfortably sleep in them at night.

Go From Hopeless to Healed

  • Quit living with dry hands!

  • Don't waste money on uncomfortable cotton or plastic gloves, or foil mittens that bind your fingers so you can't use them.

  • Stop wasting lotion that just gets absorbed by cotton gloves or rinsed down the drain after your first handwash.





NUVS Are Dermatologist Recommended

“These gloves are a great product for helping to heal dry, cracked hands. NUVS Gloves help creams, ointments, and prescription medications better permeate the skin on the hands. Most people avoid wearing ordinary moisturizing gloves for an extended period of time because hands feel trapped and are hard to use. With NUVS’ fingerless option, patients can effectively treat their dry skin while going about their day or sleeping comfortably at night. NUVS gloves work and make it possible to go about your daily activities.”

Deborah R. Spey, MD FAAD
Board-certified Dermatologist
Schweiger Dermatology Group
Livingston, NJ

Love for NUVS Gloves

“I love that the gloves were designed with pull back fingertips. It is the only moisturizing glove that allows me to easily type on my laptop while my hands receive a deep moisturizing treatment care of NUVS Gloves.”

- Suzanne

“I love my NUVS! They feel spa-like and I love the look and feel of my skin after I use them. NUVS delivers!”

- Sarita

“These gloves are GENIUS!”

- Michelle

“I am thrilled with my NUVS moisturizing gloves. When my hands become irritated or rough, I simply put the lotion on, then the gloves, and wear them overnight. Upon awakening, my hands feel SO much better! It is great to have a product that actually EXCEEDS the promises it makes.”

- Lee

“I love these NUVS! Every year, my fingertips become like sandpaper, and my palms are cracked and dry - but not this year. These gloves are a game-changer! Wearing these gloves has left my fingertips and palms soft, and the back of my hands smooth – no more crinkly skin! I am so thankful for my NUVS.”

- Pam

Love your gel nails?
We’ve got you covered.

Wear NUVS Gloves to your nail salon and block 99.9% of harmful UV or LED rays when curing your polish.

If you routinely get gel nails, dermotologists recommend wearing a glove to protect yourself from damaging UVA rays. Regularly curing nails in UV lamps without proper protection may result in:

  • Added wrinkles.

  • Accelerated aging of skin on hands.

  • An increased risk of skin cancer.


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