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What Makes NUVS Gloves So Remarkable?

For Starters, They Work!

The NUVS Story

Like most people, we like products that actually work. We have our favorite lotions, but we couldn't find gloves that would keep these lotions on our hands long enough to alleviate or soothe our dry skin. Cotton gloves absorbed all of the lotion - leaving little on our hands and a whole lot in the gloves. Lotion-infused disposable gloves feel like plastic and only work until the next handwash. And both types of these gloves left our hands trapped. There's not much you can do when your hands aren't free. With no viable solution, we set out to create the gloves we wanted and needed, and NUVS was born.

This is a product that works! We love our NUVS, and we know you will too.

NUVS are unlike any other gloves and have unique features:

  • Lotion, ointments, creams, and oils stay on the skin and don't soak through to the outer part of the glove.

  • NUVS are made from high-quality materials that are thin, lightweight, and breathable.

  • Fingers pop out to type, text, garden, work, sleep, and play.

  • NUVS can be cleaned in the washer and dryer. They will not shrink or fall apart.

  • These gloves feel luxurious, are soft, and comfortable to wear.

  • NUVS protect hands from harmful UV/LED lights when getting a gel manicure. 
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